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Alexis felt Julian hadn't been surprised to hear about Carlos. Together, they set a trap for Helena, but Katherine stepped into the trap instead and was presumed deceased. After having a fight with both Ric and Sam, Alexis went home, only to find her husband and daughter having sex on her living room floor. Sam claimed she was trying to find proof of Jerry's misdeeds by stealing his PDA. Julian wanted proof, and Alexis gave it to him. When an officer started to take Olivia to lockup, Alexis instructed him to stop because Alexis was Olivia's attorney. She accidentally happened upon Molly and her boyfriend, T. The main man in that love life was Sonny. He left, sat at the bar, and watched Alexis. Alexis was called when Nina was arrested for killing Silas. Alexis knew she'd have to face the American Bar Association for her role in everything that had transpired with Julian. But when she almost ended up dying in a plane crash that Helena caused, she decided that the risk was not worth it. Alexis advised Duke that a good district attorney would want corroborating evidence, and Duke's testimony would provide that. Alexis agreed, unaware of Julian's true motives. She joined forces with John Durant to take Sonny down and was thrilled to overhear Michael confess to Jason that he knew he'd murdered A.

Alexis jordan dating

Alexis felt that Nina could be a productive member of society, and Nina was released. Alexis and Julian went to Miscavige, determined to free Luke, and were shocked when Helena greeted them. Although Alexis initially refused chemotherapy, she agreed to it in the end. Alexis read Hale Garrett's statement and saw that he'd had a history of drug abuse. She resisted a relationship with him, only indulging in the occasional kiss. Kristina threatened to cut all ties with her family if they did not agree to support her new venture, a reality show entitled Mob Princess. There was a ten percent risk to the baby, and Sam couldn't justify that risk and refused to help. Alexis took advantage of Julian's distraction and knocked his arm away. They lived across the hall from each other, and their similarly dysfunctional childhoods, along with a tendency to shut people out, caused them to bond. Julian promised that he would never put her in harm's way because he loved her. She asked Julian if he'd looked at the papers in her briefcase when she'd gone to check on Leo. Molly's friend took the blame for the party, and Alexis forbade Molly from spending time with him. In closing arguments, Alexis argued that there were no consequences, especially for elected officials, when the law allowing breastfeeding in public was broken. Alexis advised Julian they'd been at Sam's penthouse to get Danny's toy truck, and everyone was safe. Sonny tried to defuse the situation. When the police arrived, Alexis credited and thanked Sonny for saving her life. Although Alexis was not thrilled with Kristina's new project, her attention shifted to Sam after Molly revealed that Sam believed she was not pregnant with Jason's child, but with a child conceived by rape. Alexis received an early dose of the serum, enabling her to go home with the girls, but Ric remained ill. Alexis begged Shawn to stay away from Sonny's organization and admitted that she cared deeply for him. Kristina was treated for hypothermia, while initially Molly seemed fine. As Alexis and Sam digested the news that Sam's father had been part of the Jerome crime family, Derek Wells publicly revealed that his name prior to entering the Witness Protection Program had been Julian Jerome. Alexis was called when Nina was arrested for killing Silas. Alexis remained in Port Charles to look out for the man she'd been raised to believe was her cousin, Stefan Cassadine. Alexis offered to check any legal documents, but Olivia assured Alexis that everything was fine. Alexis confessed that she was disappointed in Nikolas.

Alexis jordan dating

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  1. Alexis handled Kristina's annulment then helped Sam navigate through her feelings for Jason.

  2. Alexis refused until Sonny reminded her that she owed him, and she was forced to become his attorney even though she still blamed him for Jax's death.

  3. Alexis pleaded with Sam at first, but Sam still refused until Alexis placed enough guilt on her that finally, in tears, Sam said she would do it. He kept quiet because of his feelings for her.

  4. Alcazar refused to accept guilt for her sister's death and told her that it was her fault for sleeping with Ned and making her sister go to Sonny for answers.

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