Comcast cable box guide not updating

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Comcast X1 Remote Reset And Program

Can't keep stable connection with comcast For the past 30 minutes my internet has been going out for about 2 minutes every 5 minutes. May 14, by Sue on Fuck You Comcast! His name is Jerry and he provided more help than the next four people at Comcast. Politicians are not going to help, they're all paid off. Imagine you move your Business and your phone says this when someone try's to call. We call to see what is available, they switch us to another package to save a couple of bucks. May 18, by Tony on Fuck You Comcast! They are just interested in getting paid and not fixing their shitty network. I called in hopes of being able to fix it on the phone. Fuck Comcast Fucking internet goes down every goddamned day. Because I was so exasperated at this point, I demanded to speak with his supervisor. These data caps and even more so the way they are handled is complete bologna. Never went over my data plan with them, but have gone over my data 3 out of the 4 months with Comcast. This is like an abusive relationship. I realize that your agents need to confirm customer data at the start of the call, but I don't see the need to have to repeat this information at multiple points throughout the conversation. The last representative just told me that I have a grace period before I'll be charged a late fee.

Comcast cable box guide not updating

Paul Houle May 13, at Mike October 19, at 9: I didn't need to talk to Technical Support because the service is working properly. These channels were part of the package of what i was told. The standard voice remote is the XR11, it includes a microphone and the ability to send voice commands to the cable box it is paired with. She wasn't very sure of what she could do. She had comcast for phone, internet and one cable box. BTW comcast pays our city a fee to be the only provider. Politicians are not going to help, they're all paid off. That's why I need documentation - the last rep just stated that it was a 10 day grace period. We hooked up the antenna and have over 20 channels. Now that would get some ratings. Not to mention, I believe that if you are dealing with a local company, you shouldn't have to talk to someone in India when you call customer service. So I request the forms using the online chat because having an e-mail for support would make it too easy for us , get the forms, fill out the forms, roommate fills out the forms, all set, right? You are so full of shit. May 11, by Gabi on Fuck You Comcast! Fuck them for having a monoply and the goddamn CEO roberts. They fucked up my entire login information. Honestly, I have been on the phone with Comcast for 2. Example of the diagnostic screen from an XG1-A click to enlarge Check the signal strength of a cable box: May 24, by Denise on Fuck You Comcast! I could always go elsewhere. May 29, by Jane on Fuck You Comcast! If I went with satellite I would be jumping from the fry pan into the fire for ripping off their own customers! We paid and put monitors on our computers to watch our usage. There is also a special simplified Large Button Remote available for people with accessibility needs.

Comcast cable box guide not updating

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  1. I have a hard time beleiving this is not fraud as I am going to put the reasons why in another post. Ya I am talking about vermont!

  2. Since August we made it 10 days into our data cycle then just use my phone data for the treadmill. Comcast reps lie Comcast reps lie.

  3. TL;DR it's taken nearly a year to remove myself from Comcast and it may take longer still and this is beyond infuriating.

  4. If I went with satellite I would be jumping from the fry pan into the fire for ripping off their own customers!

  5. May I speak with a manager who might be able to provide any documentation? Frankly, he is feeble — intellectually, physically and emotionally.

  6. Unlike previous cable boxes, the RDK made boxes have a common physical design standard, so boxes from different vendors will now look nearly identical. We cancelled TV service 3 years ago, bought a 25 dollar antenna RCA and get better picture quality all for free.

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