Cons of dating at a young age

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Social psychologists Roy Baumeister and Kathleen Vohs have injected a toxic dose of moral panic into the never-married female population with their "scientific research", which claims that if women don't get marry young, their "market value" deteriorates rapidly. This situation can certainly ruin a parent-child relationship, unless compromises are made. This is not to say all of that will happen, but at such a young age it can be quite difficult to understand the risks or repercussions until it is too late. Being part of a twosome actually gave me more time to focus on myself instead of worrying about where my next date, meal or rent payment would come from , focus on the creative side of my career without stressing out whether it would enable me to afford the lifestyle I was accustomed to and allowed me to feel safe, secure and fulfilled in the knowledge that I had already found my "one". I knew I loved her very much and did eventually want to marry her, so I just thought: Teens have aggressive minds, at times they should be left alone to make peace with themselves, if possible meditation can be adopted. Teens often go through the unacceptable horror of reality which they rather like to neglect. We like to talk about love and all its myriad glories. If you grow apart, you're left with a relationship that is more like a friendship than a romantic union filed with sex and fun-filled adventures for two. Advertising [x] In modern times, the ideal marrying age has gotten later, if people choose to marry at all. As a result our children would feel good and responsible on their own which every parents, guardians and teacher expect from our teenage boys and girls.

Cons of dating at a young age

Every once in a while parents should do a check on their children but trust the fact that they can handle issues on their own. It makes us feel important, understood and secure. Teenagers should not be allowed to date as there are more disadvantages in teenage love relationship than advantages. During this stage, teenagers go through the process of development. If so, they should talk openly with their children about these issues. Therefore, teen romance should not be discouraged but we have to draw some lines. Dating someone from a young age allows you to grow, expand and explore the world without having to worry about finding a date, getting dumped or having to do it on your own. So, they must understand what is their destination and responsibilities. Relationships might hinder them from achieving the dreams. Nowadays it seems like even little children are having crushes on peers and celebrities. Teens often go through the unacceptable horror of reality which they rather like to neglect. Advertisement Yet, when I got ensconced in a long-term relationship from the age of 18, none of the above even entered my head. Finally, they become able to choose their mates. Many lives of teens are permanently changed and subjected to greater responsibilities of a family, having children at tender age while studies become more difficult to pursue and frustrations. They must guide them in this age otherwise a big social problem may arise in the family as well in society. Elders ignore physical growth of their teenage children and its changes as well as needs. Advertising [x] In modern times, the ideal marrying age has gotten later, if people choose to marry at all. The search was off. They are not fully mature to take independent decisions. Are they aware of protection? We all are rational enough to look at the pros and cons of a relationship. It is the time when they learn more and grow more. But if you grow together from an early age and share similar values, interests and life goals, then things can be magical — the stuff fairy tales are made. We like to talk about love and all its myriad glories. As a matter of fact, the entire issue is extremely subjective and boils down to the attitude and nature of the teenager. This sometimes leads to wrong activities and decisions. It helps them to develop personality and learn to get along socially.

Cons of dating at a young age

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  1. They opine parents should handle teens and their relationships with much care, understanding and openness Graphics:

  2. Ignoring the changes and realities of time have given many sorrowful episodes of suicides, accidents, fights and and so on. Advertising [x] Growing up, we were told time and again by our elders to enjoy our childhood.

  3. Nowadays, we teenagers are surrounded by television, movies, social media et cetera which I believe are causes for these problems. Teenagers are emotionally unripe and any majorly hectic experience, like a relationship, can do severe harm unto them!

  4. At this stage, attraction between male and female is natural. Meditation can be the best method of getting peace and controlling unnecessary desires.

  5. After experiencing that rare light-bulb moment of "love at first sight", they fell in love, promptly moved in together and she soon fell pregnant.

  6. While some teenagers are definitely more mature and serious about life than others, there can be completely no denying the fact that none of them whatsoever are completely ready to handle the emotional stress and responsibility that a relationship entails.

  7. So rather than controlling them, parents and teachers should guide them in a proper way.

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