Dating tea caddies

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Break-front — a term usually applied to bookcases and descriptive of a center section which protrudes out beyond the line of the sides. Towards the end of the eighteenth century the mouldings became tighter and under the influence of Hepplewhite and Sheraton designs were curtailed or dispensed with altogether. Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company was established in Please inquire T Tiffany Sterling Tea Ball A Tiffany sterling ribbed tea ball with bayonette mechanism for opening and closing, one chain attached to each half and terminating in a ring. Nearly all furniture was French polished during the nineteenth century and few pieces from the eighteenth century have survived in an unstripped repolished condition. About the time of the transition to walnut, in , the bottom runner appeared. Marked on the bowl and on the wire prongs. Late seventeenth and early eighteenth century furniture of European Continental makers used this style and its influence spread to England. Because the platinum wash process used in these pieces is so painstaking, only a limited number of these lusterware pieces were ever created. Published three times each year. Cavetto — A hollowed, concave moulding of quarter-circle section. The pattern number refers to the gold trim. Sent to all IWC members.

Dating tea caddies

Hallmarked London by John Edward Terrey. Used from the sixteenth century. Back Markings and Potters. Shown from left to right in photo as follows: The French name was pied-de-biche. Monopodium — A carved support with a lion-mask top. Although used earlier, it is most frequently found in mahogany furniture from and continued to be popular among Victorians. Very fine examples in Adam or prevailing styles with rounded or serpentine shaped fronts , and original French pieces, resembling finely decorated chests of drawers, with or without doors; represent the height of collecting, in both taste and purse. The design is considered one of the finest and rarest ever created for export and it took approximately two years for Mottahedeh to complete the prototype. Nearly all furniture was French polished during the nineteenth century and few pieces from the eighteenth century have survived in an unstripped repolished condition. It is better to ignore those pages of the book. There is much useful information here but also a large number of errors. Shell — The shell, or scallop, was a popular decorative motif in the walnut and early mahogany period, covering the years from up to c. F Fielded Panel — A panel which has the edges bevelled or chamfered. Drawers — A guide to dating furniture with drawers can be obtained from their construction. The covered pieces hace a ram finial. It was in the walnut period that the crossgrained mouldings in small pieces, which generally shrink slightly apart and yellow so beautifully with age, came into their own. Sent to all IWC members with August newsletter. Over half of the book is devoted to the makers of willow 84 pages. Synonym of secretaries Escutcheon — A motif used as a center decoration. Primary Potters by initials and name. A term which should not be used as a Victorian euphemism for a piece of furniture designed to conceal a chamber-pot. You should not rely on it for making decisions which could affect you financially or in any other way. No attempt was made to correct information given if there is no willow illustrated for that company. Mahogany furniture of the eighteenth century was treated according to its type. Hoof Foot — An animal form of foot used on early, perhaps original, cabriole legs.

Dating tea caddies

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  1. When lit by candles, these shades show off all the wonderful swirls created in the free-blown technique.

  2. Feel free to ask if you're looking for a specific reference - feedback is always welcome anyway. Oolong Tea Oolong is also from the same tea bush Camellia Sinensis and are semi fermented during manufacture, this oxidisation process is done to a lesser or greater extent.

  3. Made up of a series of small rectangular blocks. Herring-bone — An inlaid banding or border used in walnut veneered furniture for decorative effect.

  4. The sides of the caddy are decorated with romantic figures and floral swags. Also coming from the Camellia Sinensis tea bush but are not oxidised is Green Tea, grown under full sun but also under shade conditions.

  5. The inverted heart shape was much used in the furniture of this style and bronze beaten plaques were also popular as decoration.

  6. The oolong loose tea leaves are either curled or rolled into small tight beads of tea that unfurl when infused.

  7. The carcase front edging was, in this case, flat veneered, obviating the need for D- or double D-mouldings. Mitre Joint — A joint made by fitting together two surfaces cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

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