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Uranium - Lead and Potassium - Argon Dating

A continuous count of layers exists back as far as , years. A number of recent lava flows within the past few hundred years yield potassium-argon ages in the hundreds of thousands of years range. These isotope ratios are sensitive to the temperature at the time they fell as snow from the clouds. If the date is too young, one can say that there was a later heating event. However, it's clear from Strahler , Dalrymple , etc. Leaching can also occur; this involves water circulating in rock that can cause parent and daughter elements to enter or leave the rock and change the radiometric age. Likewise, the sun provides no information to the earth, and is incapable of causing an increase in organization. Thorium then behaves similarly to the long-lived parent isotopes we discussed earlier. This would probably have a larger effect lower down, where the pressure of argon would be higher. Furthermore, the question arises whether bentonite always gives correlated ages, and whether these ages always agree with the accepted ages for their geologic period. Since Argon 40 exists in the atmosphere, there is a possibility that rock samples could be contaminated with atmospheric Argon. The discovery of these footprints settled the issue, proving that the Laetoli hominins were fully bipedal long before the evolution of the modern human brain, and were bipedal close to a million years before the earliest known stone tools were made. Thus these rocks give a date which is older than what normally would happen if the rocks were fully reset.

Discuss potassium argon dating

Still, the professional thing to do is admit that the proposed theory was wrong and look for a new hypothesis. For example, a whale that died or was killed could get temporarily stuck in an upright position and quickly buried. My answer is that it is similar to believing in other things of the past. This allows the trackway surface to breathe, and protects it against root growth. People around the world are working on active "Cold Fusion" reactions. Let me illustrate the circulation patterns of argon in the earth's crust. The fact that the only "valid" K-Ar isochrons are those for which the concentration of non-radiogenic argon Ar36 is constant, seems very unusual. If punctuated evolution were correct, then there would no longer be any need for them to say the earth is 4 to 5 billion years old, since evolution could take place so quickly. Thus just by chance, many dates will be considered within the acceptable ranges. This gas undoubtedly contains a significant amount of argon This is true even if the earth really is 4. It seems to me to be a certainty that water and gas will enter rocks through tiny cracks and invalidate almost all radiometric ages. Because of this, the uranium, and its contribution to the thorium abundance, can in many cases be ignored in sediments. This sudden appearance of so many fully developed life forms can not be explained using the theory of evolution and the slow-working microevolution model. The trees did not decompose in the time it took them to be covered, which would have taken more than 50, years by the evolutionists' uniformity processes. My point was that the usual mixing test can only detect two sources. This would result in larger K-Ar ages lower down, but lower ages nearer the surface. Since even rocks with old K-Ar dates still absorb more argon from the atmosphere in short time periods, it follows that rocks should absorb quite a bit of argon over long time periods, especially at higher pressures. However Armstrong has questioned whether atmospheric argon, that has been acquired by minerals over a long interval of time, can be removed by this method. This could account for the observed distribution of potassium-argon dates, even if the great sedimantary layers were laid down very recently. Punctuated Evolution In absence of credible evidence of evolution in the fossil record, many evolutionists are now attempting to explain the lack of evidence with a modified theory. But fossils can generally not be dated directly. One could consider that time itself was changing if that happened remember that our clocks are now standardized to atomic clocks! However, Harland et al imply that nearly the correct value for the branching ratio has been known and used since the mid-fifties. He admits that Slusher's statements about it would have been true in the 's and early 's, but are no longer true. A continuous count of layers exists back as far as , years. But the fossil record almost invariably show that things were larger in the past.

Discuss potassium argon dating

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  1. The Neanderthals were assumed to have been of stooped posture when some early skeletons of old people with arthritis were uncovered.

  2. Since the bulk of K-Ar dates are generally accepted as correct, one may say that certain minerals are reliable if they tend to give similar dates, and unreliable otherwise.

  3. Each radioactive element has a half-life, which tells how long it takes for half of the element to decay.

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