Objectives of ICRICS:

1) ICRICS 2018 aims to provide an opportunity for leading academicians, engineers, researchers and industrial professionals across the world to bring together, network and have scientific discussionsand share their experienceson the latest developments in research in the field of computer science.

2) ICRICS 2018 also provides a premiere interdisciplinary platform for researchers, actioners and educators to present and discuss most recent innovations, trends and concerns for practical challenges encountered and solutions adapted in the field of computer science.

3) The ICRICS 2018 conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in computer science, engineering and related areas.

Outcome of ICRICS:

1) The participants will be encouraged to fine tune their research towards latest innovations and their development in their future career.

2) The participants will understand the importance of multidisciplinary working approach.

3) To build a community of researchers in the area of computer science and inter-disciplinary area also stimulating joint research work between Indian researchers and the visiting professors from outside India.

4) Additionally, a sizable number of students were expected to be attracted to research and postdoctoral work in computer science and its related areas.