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Louie Newton, editor of the City Builder magazine, lauded what he termed the "Atlanta Spirit"—the pervasive belief that whatever was good for business was good for Atlanta and all Atlantans. These important trends in population growth, residential distribution and makeup, transportation, and business and commerce characterized a city and metropolitan area that at the turn of the twentieth century appeared to be vibrant, growing, and economically strong. Race and race relations also played a part in the distribution of municipal services, as the city worked to build the infrastructure necessary to support rapid urban growth. With few natural barriers to contain or restrict the region's growth, the population of the Atlanta metropolitan area has continued to grow, from 2,, in to 5,, in Also during this time, the forerunner of Atlanta Technical College was established in downtown Atlanta, and offered vocational training. The construction of a highway link to Savannah in and Georgia's first "superhighway," running between Atlanta and Marietta, in was also establishing the city's importance as a regional trucking center. The Great Depression and World War II The growth and prosperity that characterized Atlanta during the early decades of the twentieth century were shaken by the severe economic depression that gripped the nation in the s. Other white institutions of higher education in Atlanta included Oglethorpe University , which reopened after the Civil War, and Agnes Scott College for women, which opened in Decatur in and became the first college in metropolitan Atlanta to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. By the turn of the century, segregation ordinances and regulations commonly known as "Jim Crow" were firmly in place to keep the two groups apart and define their respective rights, privileges, and social status. The construction of a new sports stadium Atlanta — Fulton County Stadium on land cleared by urban renewal also helped realize Atlanta's dream to become "a big league city. As Atlanta's economy grew and diversified, so too did its population. Atlanta took full advantage of the funds and resources made available by these New Deal programs and became one of the first cities in the nation to have a federally operated relief program. It also ultimately doomed the Confederacy and its fading hopes for victory and independence. Atlanta Skyline Georgia, the state's largest city, and the seat of Fulton County.

Indian dating events in atlanta

Two years later the city adopted a new name—Atlanta. Perhaps the greatest indication of Atlanta's rising international status, however, was the awarding of the centennial summer Olympic Games to the city. In his many editorials and speeches on the subject, Grady emphasized that the region's and Atlanta's best hope for growth and prosperity lay in reconciliation with the North, more industry, less dependence upon cotton and staple crop agriculture , and a more diversified economy. In the name of business and progress, the city's early-twentieth-century boosters encouraged not only commercial growth but also the development of a myriad of cultural, artistic, and sports activities and institutions that they hoped would transform Atlanta into an urban center of regional and national prominence. Despite these changes, the two largest population groups in the Atlanta metropolitan area continue to be African Americans and whites, with African Americans constituting a majority presence within the city 54 percent in , down from The city is, by most measures, the business capital of the Southeast. The activities and freedoms of both groups of African Americans, however, were strictly controlled by laws and customs. During the s the white population of the city declined by 60,, while the black population increased by 68, Highways and freeways were also built and expanded to meet the city's growing need. The repeal of the poll tax by the Georgia legislature in and the invalidation of the white primary by the U. The airplane also made its appearance in the city in the s, and by the end of the decade, Atlanta had an airfield, a passenger terminal, air mail and passenger routes, and an early connection with the airline industry that would serve the city well in the future. The automobile's growing use in downtown Atlanta contributed to the creation of a series of viaducts to raise the city's streets above the railroads and railroad lines and grade-level crossings. The biggest ordnance producer in the city, however, was the Confederate government arsenal, which produced percussion caps for muskets and pistols, small arms ammunition, saddles, bridles, cartridge boxes, canteens, and other military items and employed more than 5, men and women. By almost half of all Atlantans listed in the Social Register lived north of Ansley Park—many of them in Buckhead, which grew from a population of 2, in to 10, ten years later. By , for example, more than 1, foreign companies from 35 foreign countries were located in the metro area, as well as 37 foreign consulates and 20 trade and tourism offices. Suburban Metropolis and International City In the last two decades of the twentieth century, Atlanta experienced a continuation of a number of significant trends that had emerged in the years after World War II as well as the beginnings of new ones. In the s the traditional color line in housing, education, and politics in Atlanta began to crumble as African Americans asserted their increasing political power and the civil rights movement began to focus attention and energy on the overthrow of Jim Crow. The largest of these operations was the Bell Bomber later, Bell Aircraft plant, located in Marietta, which employed 28, workers including a sizeable number of women and African Americans at its peak in Antebellum Atlanta was a city led by merchants and railroad men, not planters, and as sectional differences mounted, businessmen and voters in the city tended to oppose secession , often on economic grounds. From to the Atlanta area lost some , acres of tree cover to residential and commercial development in the suburban metropolis. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performs more than concerts a year and has received international acclaim for its performances and recordings. Zero Milepost The town that emerged around this zero milepost was called Terminus, which literally means "end of the line. The New Deal also spurred the construction of the nation's first public housing projects— Techwood Homes for whites, which opened in , and University Homes for African Americans, which opened in In addition to these corporate giants, more than four-fifths of the nation's largest businesses maintain branch offices in the metropolitan area. Governor Lumpkin, on the other hand, is said to have maintained that the city's new name was yet another tribute to his daughter, whose middle name was Atalanta, although this story appears to be apocryphal. The census revealed that Atlanta had a majority black population for the first time in the city's history. Urban renewal had cleared large tracts of the city, and in some of these areas, new public housing and public facilities including a civic auditorium had been built.

Indian dating events in atlanta

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  1. By the city's population had grown to approximately , The race riot also contributed to the formation of local organizations dedicated to easing racial tensions and violence, such as the Commission on Inter-Racial Cooperation and the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching.

  2. Adding to this growing population were large numbers of African Americans, drawn to the city by opportunities for education and employment. Railroad Terminus Atlanta Terminal Station important developments in the s:

  3. On the positive side, however, the games contributed to the construction and improvement of many public buildings and facilities in downtown Atlanta, including the Olympic Stadium which became Turner Field and the twenty-one-acre Centennial Olympic Park.

  4. This trend of declining numbers now appears to have halted; in the total central-city population was , and in it rose to ,, making Atlanta the fortieth largest central city in the United States.

  5. Adding to this growing population were large numbers of African Americans, drawn to the city by opportunities for education and employment. As the city's population swelled, racial and ethnic tensions grew as well.

  6. Before Sherman's army departed on its famous March to the Sea , however, fire and Union soldiers demolished the city's railroad depots, the roundhouse, the machine shops, and all other railroad support buildings. For much of the early twentieth century, water and sewer lines in Atlanta lagged behind population growth, many roads remained unpaved, public schools were overcrowded and underfunded, and health care and social services were inadequate to the task at hand.

  7. Smith of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce launched a national advertising campaign entitled "Forward Atlanta," which was designed to lure new businesses to the city and to encourage national corporations to establish their regional headquarters there.

  8. In the region endured a record sixty-nine days of smog alerts, and the average traffic commute of thirty-two minutes, already the longest in the nation, became even slower as well, as interstates and highways filled up with cars.

  9. Changes in the racial makeup of the city were accompanied by equally important changes in the political structure of Atlanta.

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