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This name was given it, very probably because the famous "Isle of Wight" off the coast of England had been the home of some of the principal patentees; at least, one of them was certainly from Isle of Wight-Sir Richard Worsley, who came over in And in the spring of , after that terrible winter, in which five hundred of the colonists died of starvation and disease, that sad-hearted remnant of sixty emaciated, half-famished men, who had determined to abandon the colony, also spent their first night with this same tribe. By the time of the Great Reform Act that abolished the seats, it had just fourteen houses and twenty-three voters. He also had letters smuggled out, most of which were intercepted, which he signed 'J' to disguise his identity donkeys operating the castle's water-well have subsequently been given names beginning with 'J'. The Chronicle states that after Cerdic died in , the island was given to his nephews Stuf and Wihtgar. All the tobacco was required to be brought to these various warehouses for inspection and weight and export duty, the regulation of which occupied much of the time of the General Assembly of those early days. However, since there was no provision made in the Local Government Act for unitary authorities , the Island had to retain a two-tier structure, with a county council and two boroughs, Medina and South Wight. The Island has a rather unfortunate claim to fame in that it was the first place in Britain in which the Poor law system was tried. Unique species of butterfly: As evidence of the stability and prosperity of the county we invite the attention of the reader to the following table of taxable values of the property in the county for the year , and which, it is well to say, is not, by not-fourth, the full valuation of the property, probably: Of these, three hundred and forty-seven, in a few hours, were killed by the Indians in the eighty settlements on the north and south sides of the James River, of which number fifty-three were residents of this county. Hardy was considered, by his associates in Congress, and other able men who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, as being one of the most brilliant men of his age.

Just isle of wight dating

The county fronts northeasterly on James River and extends along the river for about eighteen miles. The General Assembly never interfered with the price at which corn was sold, and every man was allowed to sell at the best rate he could; nor did they interfere, but a few times, with its exportation, and then only in anticipation of a scarcity, the prohibition being immediately withdrawn. The courthouse was remodelled in On her deathbed in she was persuaded to sell the island to Edward I, and so it came under control of the English crown. At the census taken , it is recorded that three hundred and forty-seven out of a population of twelve hundred and forty were murdered by the Indians in the massacre of At that time the sea level was much lower and carts of tin were brought across the Solent at low tide [10] [11] for export, possibly on the Ferriby Boats. Catherine's Down on the southern tip of the Island, is an ancient example of a lighthouse technology. When he went out he saw the commotion, and although he received an arrow in his back, with twenty-two others he fought his way back to the house, which, being set on fire by the Indians, he left to burn, and fled to Baldwin's. The Romans built no towns or roads on the island, but the remains of at least seven Roman villas have been found, indicating the prosperity of local agriculture. We find this name spelled in every conceivable way, some of them being Warrosquyoke, Warrosqueak, Warrasquoyke; nevertheless, it was several years before the new name of Isle of Wight was in general use among the colonists. This led to the construction of St. He remained to finish a letter, which he was engaged in writing. At its head has been constructed a deep pond of most excellent water, from which the town of Smithfield is supplied. This brought about a most distressing state of affairs, entailing not only poverty, and, in many cases, ruin upon the planters, but as well upon all classes of society, and even almost blocking the machinery of government, for the salaries of the ministers, doctors, lawyers and clerks were paid in tobacco or its equivalent, and this was often hard to determine and the keeping of the accounts of the merchants and government officials, based on tobacco, was most uncertain, unsatisfactory and annoying. The clays can be found in very many places, of the very best kind for the manufacture of tile and brick, as shown by the stability of many old brick houses over a hundred years old in all parts of the county now standing whose bricks were made of clay found in their immediate vicinities, and that not manufactured in the best manner. But there little evidence to support this story. In four Dutch men-of-war came up the river and destroyed twenty vessels that were trading with Isle of Wight and other Southside counties, which even shows the extent of the export trade at that early period. Finally, in , they were sold to the county and all tolls abolished. The island continued to be attacked from the continent, raided in by the fleet of Castile , [37] and in by French raiders who burned several towns, including Newtown, and laid siege to Carisbrooke Castle before they were defeated. This tribe of Indians occupied a village near what is now known as Fergusson's Wharf, in this county, and their hunting grounds extended along the James River about five miles and inland about twenty, and had a fighting strength of forty of fifty warriors. The colonists of this county early commenced boat-building, to encourage which art the General Assembly enacted laws giving "rewards" of money to those persons who should build vessels of twenty tons burden and over. The Viking practice of sub-dividing the kingdom amongst powerful Earls had survived their departure, and Wessex came under the control of Earl Godwin , and then his son Harold Godwinson , the future King Harold. The Island's motto is All this beauty is of God the arms or crest depicts a horse and seahorse symbolising agriculture and the maritime which have supported and conditioned Island life in so many ways. On the south and west, Chuckatuck, Brewers, Jones and Milners Creeks are of sufficient depth to furnish transportation facilities to large communities engaged in agriculture and oyster planting. The biggest brooches are in the British Museum but some swords, parts of shields, small brooches and buckles are retained in the county archaeological centre. Lord Mottistone was the last Lord Lieutenant to also hold the title Governor from to

Just isle of wight dating

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  1. The Act also disenfranchised the borough of Yarmouth and replaced the four lost seats with the first MP for the whole Isle of Wight; Newport also retained its two MPs, though these were reduced to one in and eventually abolished completely in

  2. Lieutenant Colonels were appointed and commanded the troops in the wars with the Indians. Marie was wrecked in Chale Bay, its cargo of wine plundered by local landowners.

  3. The Island used to boast six wonders; however I have recently heard of an additional two! He was one of the "old-timers" and remained faithful to his "White Marster" till old age and failing health struck him down.

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