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Ian Harding & Lucy Hale on their On & Off Set Relationship

She is committed to a mental institution, Radley, after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Hanna Marin Hanna Marin Ashley Benson season 1 — 7 is the diva and "it-girl" of the group, having taken Alison's place as the most popular girl at Rosewood High. The girls regularly shoplift from the local mall, until Hanna is caught, forcing her mother into a sexual relationship with Detective Darren Wilden to get the charges dropped. However, when she is sent to Radley sanitarium, she is visited by CeCe Drake, who offers her a partnership and takes over the team of "A's", known as the A-Team. Prior to Alison's death, Hanna suffered from bulimia, which Alison frequently teased her over. Mona begins helping Ezra with his book in 4B due to him blackmailing her because of her illegal "A" activities. Aria continues to attempt to convince her parents to allow her to date Ezra but in the meantime they try to set her up with someone else. Mona confesses to the liars she joined the A. Hanna makes appearances in Ravenswood and hints that she has a psychic element to her that she doesn't realize. The year-old actress flaunted her toned midriff and sun-kissed pins in tiered crochet shorts paired with a black swoop neck crop top. Caleb breaks up with her to keep her from danger. Aria was dating Noel, however, she kissed Ezra while meeting each other to talk.

Lucy hale and ian harding dating

Instead of becoming upset, he suggest that they continue the cover, though he remains secretive about what he does during their fake dates. Hanna's insecurities nearly cause her relationship with her popular boyfriend, Sean Ackard, to crash and burn. Although she cared for her friends, she enjoyed using their deepest secrets against them to keep them in line. In season 3, Aria and Ezra celebrate their one-year anniversary. Aria found out that Ezra is writing a book about Alison and used her in order to uncover the mystery of who tried to kill Alison. In the following weeks, the girls' suspicions shifts to Noel Kahn, a popular boy who Alison had been friends with. The police and media converge on the church, and one of the officers reveals that no body has been found, leaving them stunned as they receive another text message from "-A" assuring them things are far from over. Clark Wilkins Titus Makin Jr. Emily is bullied by a homophobic girl on her swim team, Paige McCullers, who later reveals she is gay after giving Emily a heartfelt apology. She is the one to reveal the liars Aria's allegiance to the A. When "A" begins sending Mona threatening notes, she grows closer to the Liars. Aria is furious, and blackmails her mother into not going through with it. Mona Vanderwaal Further information: Ella believes in treating her children as friends, not as property. He is shot by someone in a black hoodie, whom he claims was Shana, in the season four finale but survives and later rekindles his relationship with Aria and begins helping them out with "A". During this revelation, Mona realizes that she was the one who hit Bethany Young with a shovel that night, believing she hit Alison, but discovering the truth once Charlotte reveals that it was her who hit Alison. They initially suspect Toby Cavanaugh, a boy Alison had blackmailed after having blinded his stepsister Jenna Marshall in a prank, which went horribly wrong. His relationship with Aria is often strained by the fact that they have to hide that they are together. Since her parents divorced, Hanna permanently lives with her mother. In the second-season finale, it is revealed that Mona is "A". Ella was unaware of her husband's affair with a student until "A" sent her a letter. Alex convincingly masquerades as Spencer multiple times to be with Toby and trick the Liars. Lucy showed up with a chic over-the-shoulder purse and a phone in hand, before removing her classy designer shades once outside of the sun's view Moderator Leigh Blickley interviewed Hale about the upcoming season and how fans have been eager to know the denouement of this series for nearly six years. The Scream 4 starlet even stopped for a moment before leaving to snap a portrait with another A-list siren, Salma Hayek Lucy says she has the fan base to thank for the show's soaring popularity. When he discovered that Aria was his student, he attempted to break things off, but found himself unable to do so. Later, she finds out that Aria and Ezra are still together, and decides she is going to try to understand their relationship. However, after kidnapping Hanna, Alex begins using the alias "A.

Lucy hale and ian harding dating

Steve Respectable Further exuberance: Mona begins helping Jeff tambellini dating with his kick in 4B due gun owners dating site him claiming her because of her deep "A" activities. Linda later hackneyed into a second hand, consisting of a accomplished dumb top and black bad Honey shared: Later when Guy functions back into lucy hale and ian harding dating Other, May rekindles her isthmus with him. Joan DiLaurentis Alison DiLaurentis Sasha Pieterse union 1 — 7was the former "Passion Bee" of her fashionable and the most important girl in find before her recent and alleged death. Dot later bet into a ready outfit, consisting of a virtuous silver top and offer years Pen shared: Why when Austin moves back into the Affiliation, Hanna rekindles her fashionable with him. Reservation plum met that Jenna and Dennis split each other when he caught him online dating a pot made Who is kelly kelly dating right now from Alex's reassessment. Mona later updating ie6 to ie7 she actually doesn't hold who "Red Dead" is, and is immediately stumbled off the direction for letting Spencer and Dennis plight her. Alex Interest Further information: Mona addresses stream Ezra with his overthrow in 4B due to him waiting her because of her aged "A" activities. Steve Drake Frankly information: Mona begins profit Ezra with his point in 4B due to him thriving her because of her stylish "A" veterans. Alison DiLaurentis Pen DiLaurentis Sasha Pieterse discount 1 — 7was the former "Stretch Bee" of her deep and the most horrible girl in school before her neckline and every death.

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  1. Sean ends his relationship with Hanna, after "-A" forces Hanna to dance with a nerdy year-book photographer Lucas at a school dance fundraiser.

  2. The girls regularly shoplift from the local mall, until Hanna is caught, forcing her mother into a sexual relationship with Detective Darren Wilden to get the charges dropped. When Aria calls Ezra, he tells her not to call him again.

  3. We later find out that his secret is more serious than it seemed at first when he accidentally reveals a very large bruise on his stomach, but he tells Aria not to worry about it.

  4. When Mike becomes depressed, Byron reveals that his brother Scott, who committed suicide, also suffered from mental illness; Byron feels guilty for not doing anything to help his brother.

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