The most intimidating team names

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Top 10 Unusual Hockey Team Names

I disagree, preferring to think of it as a blatant middle finger to Clay Bennett and Oklahoma City. Name another sports team with that nickname. The Seattle Totems were once a professional team in the area, so there are long roots with the name. If anything, the whole thing reflects much worse on Tsukuba. I spun conjecture regarding five potential team names as far back as fifteen months ago. This shows up in Getter Robo , of all places. His physique's not the only thing that's scarily large. Matt from Chihayafuru seems like this to the point that he terrifies Tsukuba , but turns out to be a Gentle Giant. Subverted in The Walking Dead with Dexter; while he certainly looks the part, he's actually pretty friendly until he's falsely accused of murdering two children, locked up without trial and when the killer turns out to be someone else, he's simply let out without any kind of apology. And, for that matter, neither is his boss, hardass bureaucrat Amanda Waller , one of the very few people Batman and Lex Luthor have long since learned not to annoy lightly. It might even be another version of a middle finger to Oklahoma City. Bob Makihara from Tenjho Tenge. The Abridged Series has somehow turned Mieu of all things into this. Unlike the previous bearer of the powers, this Tattooed Man knows how to use his powers to maximum effect. This article was originally published here at THW in December Ippo, Humble Hero that he is, is terrified at the prospect In turn, A's father the 3rd Raikage was even more-so.

The most intimidating team names

The Emerald City, neatly symbolized by a glittering green stone, with themes of class and wealth juxtaposed into a chaotic, rough-and-tumble on-ice battle. In the anime, he's white. Not only are black men extremely rare in Japan he's the only one in the entire series , but he's roughly two feet taller than everyone else. Disney cinched it with the Mighty Ducks. Dragon Ball Z Abridged turns Popo into this; he is sadistic, powerful and feared in this version, and runs on this pecking order: Even basketball had simple, easily digestible initial team nicknames like Celtics, Warriors and Pistons. First mate Kale voiced by Dennis Haysbert , 24 's Pres. In turn, A's father the 3rd Raikage was even more-so. With the Seattle Storm of the WNBA and the Seattle Reign of the NWSL, having three team names paying homage to the weather — two with identical pronunciation, no less — would make things both fun and confusing, especially for area sportswriters. Panther Lily from Fairy Tail is a Scary Black Cat , towering over most members of the cast in both height and muscle in his Battle Form , wielding a BFS that can shift size to nearly four times bigger than the aforementioned Battle Form, and has one hell of a deep and intimidating voice even in Sleep-Mode Size. The funny thing is that the gigantic hulking black man is invariably beaten by the main character in the episode they appear in, then never shows up again. He's a pretty good example of why this trope is common in anime: In the fifth season of Detective Conan , an old man named Yoshifusa Yamauchi comes back from Brazil to claim his share of his deceased brother's huge inheritance and brings a SBM named Carlos as his bodyguard. People don't really freak out until they find out he's black underneath. Seattle Totems This one appears to be a fan favorite. For the most part, however, the names just made sense. Guess who just got out of prison? In Joker , he still is mostly just a Scary Black Man with a skin condition and sharp teeth. Gantu from the same film is a scary black alien. Someone like Ben Bridge Jewelers would probably jump at the chance to be a major sponsor of a Seattle Emeralds franchise. The only debatable thing about Brian Hawk's applicability, meanwhile, is whether he counts as 'black'. Fan Works And while we're on the subject, Tales of the Abyss: Cobra Bubbles Ving Rhames. Barracuda from Garth Ennis' The Punisher MAX series, a giant black war criminal who speaks entirely in gangster slang, and has swear words stenciled on his gold teeth. Banba of Eyeshield 21 looks and acts the part, despite being ethnically Japanese.

The most intimidating team names

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  1. One might debate the intimidation factor of a Maple Leaf, but as a nickname, it was unambiguous.

  2. The only debatable thing about Brian Hawk's applicability, meanwhile, is whether he counts as 'black'.

  3. Donovan, Guts's rapist from his days as a child mercenary, qualifies as an evil example.

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