Updating dataset without dataadapter

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C# - Using SqlDataAdapter, SqlCommand, DataTable and DataGridView

When we click on the form, we'll want to display the data again in the fields of the form. For simplicity, the example does not include this. Finally, when we connect back to the Internet, we'll want to merge the changes made offline back to the server. Note that we simply reference the row in the DataSet that exists on the client now rather than re-retrieving the data from the server. Note that this approach requires a few additional namespaces and properties: A DataSet object is supported by Visual Studio tools. NET's new data services to provide a powerful data delivery mechanism that works over the Web, making it possible to build distributed applications that work easily without a local data store. If you create the XML Web service proxy yourself as described in the previous step , you can import it into your client code and consume the XML Web service methods. I'll introduce these as we go along. Note that the method returns a DataSet as a result of the query. Data Adapters form the bridge between a data source and a dataset. WriteXml loStream ; return loStream.

Updating dataset without dataadapter

We work on offline object model and when connection is required it is connected. Create an XML Web service proxy. As you've probably already realized, it's possible to take the data offline in a more permanent scenario. That seems like a lot of work, especially since you have to do the same for inserts and delete operations. A question mark serves as a placeholder for a parameter. So far, we've pulled a list of authors for the listbox into one dataset and we've pulled one author at a time into another dataset as we click on the list box, binding the fields to the various controls on the form. Once the Driver classes have been loaded and registered with the DriverManager class, they are available for establishing a connection with a database. PreparedStatement has a group of methods that set the value of IN parameters, which are sent to the database from the Java database application, when the statement is executed. Thus, a user would not normally call DriverManager. A Java database application must set a value for each question mark in a prepared statement before executing the prepared statement. All Driver classes should be written with a static section a static initializer that creates an instance of the class and then registers it with the DriverManager class when it is loaded. NChar, 5, "CustomerID" adapter. Avoid using the same name for a namespace and a class. The method executeQuery is used to execute cstmt because the stored procedure that it calls returns a result set explained in the next section. Data Adapters form the bridge between a data source and a dataset. These are needed to merge changes back into the database. It is not the most intuitive way to bind to data. By setting a Web reference to an existing Web service from within Visual Studio, all the behavior described in this step occurs transparently. Since it does not depend on any external setup, this way of loading a driver is the recommended one for using the DriverManager framework. One more step - totally disconnected data But, there's more. The update then fires from: NET documentation was generally fruitless, but the newsgroups and a large number of published online articles have been very helpful. So, the next step is to create a Web Service method that can return a single Author record from the table. For error handling purposes, any errors from the server are marshaled down to the client via the SOAP method. But, once you've done the binding, any changes made to the control automatically map to the underlying data source. In fact, DataSets are always offline. In this article, I'll focus on the ADO.

Updating dataset without dataadapter

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  1. The Exception object contains detailed information from the error fired on the server or from a failure to connect to the Web Service. The beauty of it is that it's a standard format that's traveling over the wire in the form of a DataSet.

  2. You can find the code online at the URL listed above. NET, which provides a generic mechanism for accessing data.

  3. NET Web Services as a transport for data, allowing you to build a remote data service with relatively little code. The method executeQuery is used to execute cstmt because the stored procedure that it calls returns a result set explained in the next section.

  4. As ADO did prior to. NET can handle all the details of persisting and restoring a full DataSet object over a Web Service, including the ability to merge changes into the database.

  5. To make this easier, the SqlCommandBuilder can be used to automatically generate those statements for you when you pass in a data adapter as a parameter to the constructor. We're returning all records at once to the client, so the client can go offline with the data and work with it locally before re-synchronizing to the server.

  6. If you want to create the proxy class yourself, continue with this discussion. So, the idea is:

  7. You can make changes to the data and then update the server when you get back online, allowing full offline operation.

  8. In the example, an XML Web service is created that returns data, in this case a list of customers from the Northwind database, and receives a DataSet with updates to the data, which the XML Web service resolves back to the original data source. The developer has the freedom of choice in internet development, for creating efficient applications.

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