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It was originally designed as a grain bin but the instant I saw it in Karon Cunningham's booth at the Guild show, it said "hamper" to me. I've incorporated a number of pieces from that manufacturer throughout the house because they were made around the time Gretchen was still furnishing the house originally. The blue transferware plates on the top shelf came from Stokesayware and I found the others at the Philadelphia show. People like Argento in his first films ,Fulci,Lenzi,Martino really knew how to mix mystery and pulp,sex and decadence with a narration rich of resources,like sophisticated angles,cinematography,editing and soundtracks! It was tricky and took a long time throughout the house. I closed up the bottom door entirely and upstairs, I closed up the lower part of the door and created a window after I cut the odd overhang off the roof. So when I decided to build this roombox, I grabbed it and constructed the built-in shelves and the plank door around it. It's tempting to suppose that in Gretchen's real childhood home, there was a bathroom where the window was so small. And I always believed some of the greatest Directors must have examined those films carefully to work on their most innovative styles. After removing the mantel and Bob's built-ins, I textured and painted the walls. The Bath and Dressing Room The dollhouse wallpaper in the bathroom was bubbled and lifting in many places so it was fairly easy to remove it before I textured the walls and added a partitioning wall to create a dressing room. Gloria offered to sell it to me before the auction, with its furniture, but I hoped to get it for less at the sale so I passed on it. The lamp is a vintage piece from the Miniature Mart and the burled chest is by Tony Jones. Even a few porn actors were hired to contribute real sex acts,which were though artistically filmed,and part of a key idea. It is a cozy room with vintage upholstered furniture by Robert Bernhard and an interesting rocker that came with the house.

Updating my staircase

I also reused the little copper bell that was in this room when it was Gretchen's house. I experimented with the placement of various pieces of furniture from my collection until I chose these things. I admired the pretty polished floors, the graceful proportions of the rooms and the cleverness of the removable front facade. I just painted over it to leave it a little rough and patchy-looking like ceilings sometimes are in very old houses. A few years ago I bought some Ann Shepley bathroom furniture at auction. The framed Boston School fishing lady petitpoint was a private commission and I was so delighted when I got it. I won't upset you with a description of the way we brought the house home to New Jersey with everything still in it! Some treads had already come loose so I lifted all of them off and refinished them before adding a more interesting newel post recycled from the Kaliski mansion. More than five thousand staff from over fifty different countries work at Harrods. There are tiny watercolor paints in the open drawer. You can see where I filled in the useless doorways, and then used scrap wood to add new timbers to what had previously been plain interior walls. It hid a lot of wiring. The other chair is from a set of four by Eric Pearson and the leather has aged and cracked with age - so appropriate for an attic space. Then I used modeling paste to fill in the grout areas and add texture to the brick faces before painting each individual brick. The floors were made from oak veneer strips over plywood. This is a critical part of my process as I fiddled a bit with the size of the wall partition before deciding on this configuration. Consequently, it wasn't terribly heavy and I later learned that it came apart into two halves for easier transport. Pearson also made the watercolor landscape on the adjustable easel part of the table. I installed one wall sconce towards the back of the room and a table lamp near the door. The blue floral wallpaper by Joe Hermes was very familiar to me and had been a popular seller at Molly's store. The countertops are also mahogany. I sealed and painted over the wallpaper on the walls, but I pulled out everything in the kitchen hearth and stripped the two side pieces before re-installing them, texturing and painting them. Gretchen's original bathroom featured real mosaic tiles glued down and grouted with mastic. A friend of mine bought it for me during the preview at Philadelphia Miniaturia when I was unable to attend in person and when he described it to me over the telephone I was happy to say "buy it" sight unseen. The Kitchen The first room I tackled was the kitchen with its small dining nook to the right - the nook is somewhat inaccessible so all I did in there was paint the walls I could reach. Since most of this room is hidden from view, the fact that I am missing the matching toilet is no problem - we just pretend it is further back in the bathroom.

Updating my staircase

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  1. The chair in front of the bed is by Betty Valentine while the other chair is by Colin Bird.

  2. I did rescue all the lace curtains throughout the house and gently laundered them but I wanted these particular windows to be more visible so I used simple toile panels on all the windows in this room.

  3. Bob papered the walls with snippets of real-size scenic paper in a blue-green color scheme meant to look like a mural, over a painted wainscot.

  4. Since this photo was taken, I have added a braced plank door. He ran this business, variously listed as a draper, mercer, and a haberdasher, until at least.

  5. The plate rack from England was purchase on ebay. I have to thank Pat Hartman again for teaching me how to do tiny French knots - it is my latest passion and fits in so perfectly with the way I like to decorate.

  6. The rest of the principle cast isn't even nearly close,to the level of Arcangeli and Hoffman.

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