Updating wrought iron porch columns

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HOW-TO: Wrap a Support Post - Easy DIY Project

A wonderful family attended the meeting and we discussed the ACC application procedure because they are relatively new to VOL. After the meeting, one of our Board members Joe Hernandez reached out to another Contractor who gave us a lower bid. Nanci, welcome to VOL! Due to some disturbing things we saw last year, we will be updating our posted pool rules with new signage. Our relationship with Texas Aquatic Enterprises ended a year after it began. Color removed from one location was added to the remaining flower beds. My house is a very simple ranch style house and I think the simple design of that balustrade fits the style. We gave out over servings of hot dogs and sliders but in the frantic rush to get the food out, we forgot to do a headcount. The Fall Festival was cancelled due to rain, regardless we appreciate the commitment from Loui Liendo for volunteering his time to prepare the food. The Board and the Association Manager inspected the pool and after deliberating, the Board decided to close the pool for the following day, Tuesday. Plantation is our current landscaper but we are happy to announce that Texas Aquatics is our new pool manager.

Updating wrought iron porch columns

The Board asked the Association Manager to coordinate the Holiday lighting efforts to get all the trees on the SH6 entrance lighted in addition to the lights we had last year. And I got the answer I wanted! Gardens and hidden pathways surround the luxury estate on all sides, with koi ponds, streams, and serene outdoor living being just some of the incredible estate features one stumbles upon. With Jason, the Board discussed the pool opening, the lane dividers left in boxes by the entrance, the gate latch, child safety guidelines, pool ladders and the cleanliness of the pool. With Sean, the Board reviewed the monthly irrigation report, the state of the flower beds, mulch, shrubs at the pool house, irrigation controller issues and landscaping proposals. That makes 4 flags lost from the Maple Downs location this year. The Board can't help you with an issue if you don't reach out to us, we are here to help, don't wait for an annual meeting to express your frustrations. The sweeping country house luxury estate is an amazing structure, with symmetry and design that is tasteful and refined. It was great seeing many of our neighbors come out and enjoy the food and the beautiful day. Powell's review of the proposal and input in this matter. The Board discussed the need to properly secure flags at the Oak Lake Park intersection and maybe a solution can be found before for the 4th of July. That room is located to the right of the wrought iron entry gate. We all agreed that we should schedule trimming all the trees within the community every two years. During the open session we discussed the distressed plants and grass. The re-plaster of the pools is done, they look great. Truly frustrating for the Board to have to deal with irrigation issues for such a long time. Our next event will be a movie night, the second weekend of October. We explained that they were in jeopardy of losing their contract because of their staff. All other items are open or tabled for future consideration. We will have additional costs for irrigation lines and lighting. During the executive session, we discussed deed restriction violations, attorney reports, architectural log and a home business. Unless otherwise specified, the debris removal will be the responsibility of the homeowner. At the time that this message went in for publication, the event had not occurred so we'll have more details next month. The tennis court painting project is complete and the courts looks fantastic. The new cards replaced our photo i.

Updating wrought iron porch columns

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  1. Nanci was great but due to medical issues she is no longer employed by Sterling Association Services, Inc.

  2. During the executive session, we discussed deed restriction violations, attorney reports, bad debt due to the statute of limitations and approved the attorney to begin the foreclosure proceedings for one property. We appreciate the Association Manager, Becky, in providing us the Pros and Cons to becoming tax exempt.

  3. We have on open Board positions available that expires Feb The Board discussed several occurrences of unprofessional life guards and unacceptable pool closures.

  4. He graciously volunteered his time and his cooking skills for a community event. Every now and then we have one person abstain but that rarely happens.

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