Validating interviews

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Analytics Interview

There are better ways to answer those questions. If you are going to take on the cost of collecting and analyzing user data, you should also plan to support the cost of changing the design based on the study findings. When I see other founders hesitate to interview customers, or do them wrong, I empathize. UX research must drive design change, not just pat designers on the back. Denying Issues Is Not the Same as Deferring Issues Of course, sometimes a tight schedule or limited resources make it impossible to implement all the design changes suggested by the user study. Do not ask about the future. Even with a tight schedule, you may be able to try some of the following actions: The way I remember this rule? But efficiency dictates that an in-person study looks at more design aspects to offset its cost. Why was that hard?

Validating interviews

Do your best to keep the conversation focused there. Any study should find some issues with the design. Once your idea pops into your brain during an interview, your body will literally turn against you. How often do you experience this problem? Even with a tight schedule, you may be able to try some of the following actions: You can search for new customers in the online channels they mentioned during the interview. For example, imagine that, as you are briefing the test participant just before you begin a usability test, you say, "We would like to watch how you do things so we can validate the design. Not just because it gives me a leg up on competitors, not because it helps me in validate ideas quickly, and not because it helps in my personal life as much as it does my professional. Can you tell me about the last time that happened? They solidify your credibility as a researcher. In short, if your user study did not find any issues, something is wrong with your study or with your team. The negative findings in a user study are obviously what drives design change and improvement. My Customer Interview Script 1. Your hypothesis has been invalidated. The script also includes tips on: It will start looking for validation that the idea is good. Pick the most popular one. But I promised more than that. Other great questions to consider adding to your script: But let me tell you why I feel this way. Many teams don't plan for that last step, but they should. The Effect on Your Team Saying to your team that you want to validate a design suggests that you know it works and are simply looking for concrete proof. User Testing 4 Summary: Call it a pet peeve. Summary Interviewing customers is the key to customer development. I promised interviewing customers would make customer development fulfilling. The test was not set up well, and it would behoove you to look at your methodology to see if you structured your study appropriately.

Validating interviews

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  1. There are better ways to answer those questions. When I see other founders hesitate to interview customers, or do them wrong, I empathize.

  2. Any study should find some issues with the design. Studies like this happen a lot in inexpensive remote sessions.

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